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Comparing “speed boat” to Two Sea Tour’s “big” boat

If you are tempted to compare Two Sea Tour with other “highly ranked” speed boat companies or other “big” boats operators, make sure to ask yourself some key questions and print this page to take along with you and show it to your booking agent as a reference


 Two Sea Tour “Big” boat “Speed” boat
  • Space ratio taking 16 persons per day for a full capacity of 55 (60% occupancy, plenty of space to move around and relax)
  • Size of the boat 21 meters x 4 meters, 2 decks that will allow you to walk around every where so that you can take pictures anywhere and any time during the day
  • 14 staff to look after 16 clients!!! (1 paddle man per 2 clients)
  • Separated “smoking area” to non-smoker, distant to each other
  • During “low season” or any windy day, easy, relaxing and safe trip to the islands
  • Canoes stored on the boat so that the program can take you (ALWAYS) into the caves AND inner lagoons without limits in time to enjoy the beautiful and unexpected scenery
  • Canoeing guaranteed, no mater the sea level (2 tides per day)
  • Minimum of 40 minutes on the canoes
  • Lunch freshly prepared and cooked on-board, served during travelling time to the next stop
  • No extra stops to Panyee Muslim village for lunch and extra spending (buying drinks, “made in China” souvenirs…)
  • 1 staff employed by Two Sea Tour looking after its own clients (2 persons) all day, taking you pictures, giving you information, helping you when walking around on James Bond island, assisting you for any requests
  • Spacious clean toilets, stand up, move around, fresh water shower – good for elders, children, ladies
  • Easy and practical swimming ladder to get in and out the canoes for any size and age
  • Spacious boat to bring along your stroller for baby to sleep
  • Very safe boat ride for elder, infants and children
  • Not need to be fit for the canoeing part, your paddle man will look after you and paddle you around
  • We control our drivers for the pick up time and our boat will depart on time
  • You will be transferred to and from the boat by bus and not walk the 200 meters long pier under heavy rain or strong sun
  • Swimming stops away for the crowds (depending on tides) and nowhere near any shops to make extra “commissions”
  • Some pictures will be taken during the day and with your approval shared on Facebook or sent to you via email for free
  • Space ratio on a speed boat taking 15 persons per day for a full capacity of  22 (30% occupancy, quiet “tight” + 3 staff members!!!)
  • Limited area to walk around on a 9 meters long boat
  • 3 crew members looking after 15 persons !!!
  • Two boats (15 persons each) from the same company going to the same location, not a small group anymore !!!
  • Smokers or non-smokers how to be divided? Especially when the staff smoke !!
  • Even though Phang Nga is a very well protected bay during “monsoon season” the trip can get rough, bumpy and very uncomfortable
  • IF canoeing, it will be done on “big floating platforms” receiving other speed boats and a lot of customers and local paddlers will beg clients for tips, no information will be given from these people as the guide will not join in the canoes
  • IF canoeing, ONLY about 20 minutes so that the paddle man can quickly get new clients (making more $$$)
  • Most of the time speed boat companies “even highly ranked” will get the clients to just walk through in the caves (20 minutes!!!) at low tides or water up to your harm pits (higher tides) because they can’t carry their own canoes. Getting in murky water early morning with jellyfish moving in with the tides can be “risky”
  • Walking through a cave in the dark with a group of 15, lead by only 1 guide, water level up to your neck (when high tides) with camera in your hands or children on your back is not the best or very safe conditions to visit this beautiful sites
  • Because of the different water level (tides) everyday, canoeing will not be done (for most companies) in the best locations of the bay at Panak island with its amazing internal lagoons but often in a “dark cave” (only)
  • Lunch will be served at the Muslim village of koh Panyee where your boat will be moored away from the pier then what you paid for (drinks) will not be available any more and you will have to spend more money,  also very often profit on souvenirs and drinks sold will be shared with employees of the boats
  • Swimming stops will often be done in places where beach chairs and umbrellas are for rent for the same reason as above
  • Limited boat space and tiny toilets (speed boats) making it difficult to use while the boat is on the way
  • When accompanied by children or infants, hot, uncomfortable and no area for the “little ones” to take a afternoon nap
  • Getting in and out the canoes can be “awkward” and some time unsafe if non-swimmer or elder persons
  • Speed boat trips can quickly get “bumpy” and “rolling”
  • At the pier you will be ask to walk to the boat or back to vehicles under heavy rain or strong sun no matter your health conditions
  • Pictures of the day will be sold to you (not cheap)