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Quick facts

First come, first serve policy 

  • Dear future guest, we would love to have you on board for a great day so please be aware that we take a maximum of 16 persons per trip, so DO NOT wait for the last minute to book your seats, you may be disappointed
  • All our bookings are done by email, so if you call to ask for availability, we might say YES (if we have room for more people) but you will have to be quick and make your booking on line ASAP, or someone else may take the last seats


Eco-friendly activity

  • On board recycling bins
  • In the water, collection of floating objects
  • Smoking area away from non-smokers
  • Small group to minimize the impact on the nature
  • “special” moment when inside the internal lagoons


Health/Fitness concerns

  • It is not necessary to be an athletic person or to know how to paddle. One of our staff member (paddler) will be sitting behind you (with 2 clients) so there is no need to worry about sore muscles the next day or the ability to keep up with the rest of the group
  • The canoes are little inflatables boats with a width of about 50 cm (20 inches) some people might find it a “little” tight when sitting in it but still ok to enjoy the day
  • Disabled people or those with special requirements, please make sure to let us know when making your booking, getting in and out our “big” boat or in and out the canoes can be “tricky” sometime but our team will always be happy to help and never had any problems with anyone
  • If you are subject to claustrophobia or afraid of darkness, you must know that sometime the access to the caves can be a little “tricky”. It is not longer than a minute through the cave but we do recommend to let us know when making the booking so that we can either help to select the best day (lower tides = wider caves) or explain it to you with more details
  • persons with “large build” can feel a little uncomfortable when lying down in the canoes when going through the cave


What camera should you bring ?

  • The canoes are very stable and safe. There is fairly little splashes once sitting in the canoes
  • Our price includes 1 waterproof bags per canoe (to protect electronic devices) and we also sell them on board
  • Smartphones or professional cameras can be easily used while in the canoes (at your own risk)


Employees selection

  • All of our employees are Thai Nationals
  • They are proud Nationals willing to show the tourists that Thais are really friendly and helpful (even in Phuket)
  • Their English skills are VERY basic and it was our choice to help them develop and improve in the contact of our clients
  • We believe that it is a better way to help the local community instead of “using” other people, fluent in languages, this often means that they will have many ways to bother our clients with tips, selling day trips or city tour, other services outside our tour
  • Our staff are often enrolled in different courses: first aid, safety and rules at sea, English classes…


Extra services

  • Free WiFi unlimited access
  • 220 V sockets + 20 in 1 phone charger
  • Fresh water shower
  • 2 spacious clean toilets
  • Pictures of the day available for free



  • Included for hotels anywhere on Phuket island BUT extra fee when OUTSIDE Phuket island
  • Transport will be done by air conditioned minibus
  • Distance to pier around 1 hour depending on traffic
  • Safe, polite drivers and clean cars
  • PLEASE help us and our driver to keep the buses clean for other clients, DO NOT eat or drink in the vehicles.


Number of passengers

  • To minimize the impact on the nature and for the comfort of our passengers, we will take a maximum of 16 persons per trip
  • Our boat will go out with a MINIMUM of 4 persons and not less



  • Two Sea Tour provides a professional French/English/Thai speaking guide
  • Very knowledgeable, informative and professional



  • Our lunch is cooked on board a few minutes before serving it
  • Everything is freshly bought in the morning from the local market
  • Let us know if you need a special diet or if you are candidate to any allergy we will TRY our best to match your diet
  • Fresh fruits, snacks, pastries, cookies, soft drinks and water are provided (free) all day
  • Beers are for sale on the boat. To avoid accident due to excess of alcohol consumption we limit the number of alcoholic drinks so PLEASE do not bring any extra
  • Not by conviction but because we are running the tour in a Muslim region and our experienced Captain (an “old” Muslim person) is very superstitious, PLEASE make sure not to bring any pork meat snacks on the boat and ask your hotel staff to prepare for you “breakfast boxes” without pork meat sandwiches. We would really appreciate your understanding
  • We do not make extra money by selling snacks (chips, peanuts…) so you are also welcome to bring your own



  • Tipping is at your own discrepancy but because often asked on board, here are some ideas if it can help
  • Our staff gets a monthly salary but of course they are always happy when getting “extras” to reward their excellent services
  • If giving a tip, we believe that a “proper” tip should range somewhere around 200 to 500 baht with a minimum of 100 baht, lower than this or giving “the last coins in your pocket” might be seen as an offence or showing your discontent
  • Tips can be given directly in the hands of your paddle man (assigned to the same clients for the day) Captain, cook  or guide


Tour operations

This tour should run 365 days per year unless:

  • Lack of clients booked on the day (minimum 4 persons)
  • Bad weather conditions
  • Main tour guide not available due to unforeseen circumstances
  • Boat maintenance



If we can not operate the tour for any reasons, we will try to contact our customers via email, phone call, faxes to their hotels or message to their agents.