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Before joining our tour, PLEASE understand

Because of the power of the reviews posted  on a  well know travel site and because these reviews can really damage the reputation of our company,  we are now using these reviews to clarify a few points. To any future passengers joining our tour and using our services PLEASE understand 

  • be aware that 1 of our experienced staff will paddle you around – this is NOT a self-paddle tour
  • our price includes return transfers ONLY for hotels located on Phuket island. Outside Phuket an extra charge will be applied on the remaining balance to be paid on board according to the hotel’s location, please ask for details
  • if you wanted to be dropped off at a different location, 100 baht per person will be charged if joining with other guests in the vehicle and 600 baht if we have to organize a car for yourself
  • our price includes 1 waterproof bag (to protect electronics) per canoe but you can also purchase them on board
  • we like our employees and invest in them to join training courses for the benefit of our clients (first aid course, fire fighting, English course, boat and sea safety rules…
  • we do not employ under aged people (average 26 years)
  • our Thai staff do not speak English very well but have their own personality and we do not want to change them, therefore as Thai people, they are always happy to have fun, smile, make jokes (“lark around”) and this we believe makes the whole trip more memorable
  • when booking only 1 person, the ONLY option is to book for “1 canoe for 1 single traveler” (at a higher rate)
  • our boat is a “big” boat NOT a speed boat, the best option to visit Phang Nga bay as there is a lot to see on the way, so a “big” boat runs at a relaxing pace, it is much more comfortable to walk around (not allowed on a speed boat when boat on the way) for pictures opportunities, access to spacious toilets, discuss with other clients, take an afternoon nap …
  • our “big” boat leaves 2 hours before others getting us to most sites before they get crowded BUT YES sometime we can meet other local boats carrying a few clients
  • James Bond island is a VERY busy site most days at any time of the day but leaving early will get you there before the “big rush”. Sometime we are lucky to be with very few other tourists BUT other times (and this is unpredictable) there are already many people on the island, it will depend on many factors but our quick stop and our team should make it a “good thing to see but no more!” kind of stop
  •  sea level is VERY important for our program. The access to the caves will depend on the sea level and a few days per month the level can be either too low or too high
  • if it is too LOW then we will have access to the only cave where we can walk through, the canoes will drop you off on the beach and we will walk through this cave
  • if it is too HIGH then NO access to any caves, so we might leave earlier than the normal time (6:40 am) to get in before reaching this limit
  • swimming stop will be done in Phang Nga bay, very murky waters and no snorkeling possibilities. The water is not clear but often very quiet beach with great views
  • make sure to take along with you some changing clothes. The drivers will not let you get in the vehicles with salty dripping clothes and the option will be to purchase one of our staff’s uniform instead (sold on board)
  • the management team, Thai and foreigner (both not English natives) are the only persons you will be receiving emails from and ask you to be indulgent if sometime the  email messages might seem rude or unfriendly to you but  of course they have no means to hurt any ones feeling or answer in an improper way, perhaps their English skills do not allow them to find the proper words to explain certain things so thank you in advance for your understanding
  • special diets can be arranged (vegetarian, allergies…) but make sure to tell us ahead of the tour date and understand that our cook will do her best to make it to your requirement but of course it is not that simple to cater fresh lunch on a boat and our cook is not a 5* chef, Lol
  • the water served on board is purified water and our coffee is instant coffee (not the best in Phuket but will do for breakfast)
  •  if you miss our pick up time or our driver cannot find you at the meeting point (sent with pick up time the day before touring), he will leave without you and NO refund will be given
  • if YOU cannot see our driver 5 minutes passed the pick-up time PLEASE MAKE SURE to call and let us know, otherwise our driver will leave without you and NO refund will be given


If any of the above information is not clear, does not make sense to you or you simply do not like it, please let us know, ask for a refund or select another company but be insured that it would be our pleasure to have you on board and help you enjoy your Phuket vacations