Philippe, the manager, is french from New Caledonia and worked in various positions in famous 5 stars resorts and dive centres in Papua New Guinea. Philippe has travelled a lot and often worked in tourism related businesses, and worked for 4 years on a private luxury yacht (VIP millionaires) before coming to settle in Phuket.

Not long after arriving in Phuket in 2006 Philippe opened his travel agency, mainly supporting the French market, with Mam joining his team. In the very early days, they both realised that there was significant demand for high quality.

Well-run and well-serviced tours that not many tour operators wanted to provide, so running a day trip to visit the islands was the best solution.

Ensuring that Mam’s clients would at least get one wonderful day during their time in Phuket, so in January 2011, Two Sea Tour was born.