Frequently Asked Questions

Is your tour suitable for pregnant women?

Yes, our “big” boat is fine for pregnant ladies.
At slow speed, the boat ride will not be “bumpy and has a very comfortable sitting area.

The passenger’s area is above the main deck, so keep in mind that there will be a ladder (proper steps) to climb.

Our “big” boat does not move much, the water in Phang Nga bay does not get too rough, and we also provide seasickness tablets if needed.

Our canoes are also very stable, so it should not be a problem.

Is your tour suitable for young children?

Yes, our “big” boat tour is perfect for young children. A lot of room to move around with lots of shade and very comfortable benches to take a nap. The sea does not get too rough either so children will be safe with a “smooth” ride

Please note – we do not provide children seats for the transportation from the hotel to the pier or back to the hotel.
If you are concerned about your child’s safety driving around in Phuket, you can contact this company to arrange this equipment for you 

How many hotels stops before getting to the pier?

At Two Sea Tour, we offer a custom pick up each day to minimise the time from hotels to the pier.

We limit each car/minivan to 2 stops if the hotels are very close to each other. Most days we will send a car to each hotel.

We will email you the pick-up time around 4 pm the day before the tour

Note, Two Sea Tour includes transfers for ANY hotels located on Phuket island. We will be happy to help and organise transportation for hotels located outside Phuket island at extra cost.

Will we have insurance for the tour?

Yes, Two Sea Tour has a passenger insurance for every passenger coming on board.

The insurance will be activated ONLY if the client sends us (at least before the boat starts) the passport number and name (as written in documents) for each person joining the tour.

What do we need to bring for the tour?

Bring along with you what you would take for a day at the beach, a hat, towel, swimming suit, sunscreen lotion, insect repellent, light shoes (flip flops) and the most important, your camera fully charged!

What is your group size?

We embark a maximum of 12 persons per tour.

Ten staff on board with six canoes in the water at the time

Although our “big” boat can carry up to 55+ passengers, it has always been essential for us to take a few people on the trip to limit the impact on nature and to make your day more comfortable, personal and safer.

Note, no other operators in Phuket (speed boats or “big” boats) will follow such a low passengers load and ratio, employee/staff 10/12 on a boat with so much space available (2 decks)

Often other operators (especially speed boat tours) will count the sitting area at the front of the boat as passengers space, not such a thing when raining or very hot, everyone will have to be seated like sardines inside the boat including 3 to 4 staff members!

Does your price includes all equipment?

Yes, our tour is all-inclusive, kayaks (one of our staff will paddle you around), life vests and to take home with you, one waterproof bag per canoe, one double-wall stainless steel water bottle, one beach bag, one photo album, there are no hidden extras with Two Sea Tour.

Is the tour safe for non-swimmers?

Yes, as mentioned above, the sea does not get too rough, every passenger HAVE to wear a life vest while the boat is on the way, our canoes are very stable and safe, no chance to flip over and each canoe carries a spare life vest.

Our staff are well trained, with safety at sea and CRP, and prevention is always in the team spirit, so no need to worry, you are in good hands.

At the swimming stop, we will recommend to non-swimmers to wear a life vest to float around and relax nicely.

Can you provide a special diet, like vegetarian meals?

Yes, our lunch cooked on the boat 30 minutes before serving it.

All ingredients are bought daily from the local market, and if informed before lunchtime, our wonderful cook will be happy to help and cater for your special diet. Please, when possible, let us know when making your booking.

What happens if the weather is bad?

We always keep a close look at the weather forecast, and if we think the weather is not suitable for a nice and safe day, we will cancel the tour.

If WE cancel the trip, we will refund your deposit. Please understand the decision to cancel or not is only a decision made by Two Sea Tour’s management.

Can you operate tours during Monsoon season (May-October)?

Yes, we can operate tours at this time of the year.

Phang Nga bay is very sheltered with Krabi province on the Eastside and Phang Nga + Phuket on the Westside, so the sea does not get too rough. If it rains, it will typically be for short periods a few times a day, but still, an enjoyable outing, kayaking around with incredible views. By the way, probably the best pictures opportunities during this time of the year, beautiful colours when the limestone formations are all wet, bringing up all different contrasts.

At this time of the year, the waves and wind come from the Andaman sea, Westside, so Phang Nga Bay is the best option for boat tours. Unlike most common areas with beaches on Phuket island (Patong, Kata, Karon, Kamala) this Bay stays calm.

Is tipping a common practice?

If you feel, our employees gave you great service and helped you have a great day, then yes, you can tip them, it is up to you.

How to book and make payment?

Booking a tour will ONLY be made through Two Sea Tour company.

No “middle man, travel agency or hotels can sell our tour.

You can book online from our website by selecting your preferred date, and you will be asked to pay a 50% deposit via Paypal (no need to have a Paypal account, just suing a credit card will be fine) OR you can send us an email and provide some information.

We DO NOT accept credit cards on the day of the tour; the balance will have to be paid by cash ONLY.

If you have a problem with Paypal, please let us know, we can send you a manual Paypal invoice.

Paypal does not work with AMEX cards.

If you are from Turkey, Paypal will not work so email us we will try to find a way to accommodate.

If you have a bank account in Thailand you can pay your deposit via bank transfer to our account; please let us know if you choose this option, we will email you our bank details.