Questions to ask yourself or ask the person selling the tours

  • Maximum capacity of the boat and how many persons the boat will carry?
    Our limit is 12 adults even though our boat can carry 55
  • Only ONE boat will go out, guaranteed small group.
    Other well-known companies operating 3 to 4 boats will get to the sites at the same time.
  • What is the minimum number of bookings required for the tour to be confirmed?
    Ours is 4 persons only !!!
  • Are the minivans clean & well maintained and the drivers safe & polite?
  • Are you looked after by well trained and well-mannered employees?
  • Are return transfers included at NO extra cost from any hotel on Phuket island?
    Other operators will charge extra outside 3 main areas.
  • Are you in a small and “bumpy” speedboat or on a big comfortable boat?
    How big is the boat? Compare Two Sea Tour’s Big Boat to Speedboats
  • Are my children safe?
    Are infants and elders ell looked after?
  • Are the toilets spacious and clean?
  • Is light breakfast served while watching the sunrise
  • Is lunch freshly cooked on-board and prepared in a clean environment?
  • Is it easy to get in and out of the canoes?
  • Do you get at least 40 minutes to 1-hour canoeing at each stop? (or just 15 minutes)
  • Are you going to visit caves AND beautiful inner lagoons? (or just visiting a dark cave)
  • Are you avoiding the crowds? (or getting to the sites at the same time as a hundred other people)
  • Do you get a complimentary waterproof bag to protect your electronics?
  • Will I have to buy a DVD with trip pictures or get a photo album (about 200 pics) shared for free?
  • Is there a leading guide AND a “private” guide/paddle-man assigned per couple?
  • Do you paddle yourself, or will someone do it for you?
    TWO SEA TOUR DO NOT operate a self-paddle tour, so sit back and relax.
  • Will you be sitting a maximum of 2 adults per canoe?
  • At the pier, is there a bus transfer to the boat and back to the minibus? (or a 200-meter walk when it’s raining or in the sun)
  • Is the group size limited to 6 canoes? (or are you canoeing at the same time as other companies with over 100 kayaks)
  • How long will it take to get to the pier and back to your hotel after the trip?
    Are you “stuck” in heavy traffic?
  • Are the staff employed by the tour company and are my belongings safe on the boat? (or are they freelancers that no one can control)
  • Will you have your “private guide/paddle-man to walk around at James Bond island helping you with taking the best pictures? (or are you on your own)
  • Will the staff “beg” for tips?
  • How many people per canoe?
    With Two Sea Tour only 1 or 2 persons per canoe.
  • Is there a relaxing atmosphere or loud music all day?
  • Is the swimming stop at a beautiful quiet beach? (or with hundreds of people on a crowded beach)
  • Is the boat well maintained, clean and safe? (or dirty and very badly maintained)
  • Will you stay away from any “extra shopping stops” (commission)? (or taken for shopping during lunch and swimming stop)
  • Is the boat ride relaxing and “smooth”? (or “bumpy” and uncomfortable)
  • Are you getting back to your hotel early enough for evening shows and early flights? (or do you get back to your hotel very late)
  • Are you picked up on time in the morning? (or are you waiting for late arrivals)