There is a cost to cancelling a trip as we limit our tour to small groups, 8/10 persons, even though our boat capacity is 55.

When WE decide to cancel due to bad weather, we will have done so, taking into consideration our client’s and employees safety, considering predicted weather forecasts and official warnings.

Two Sea Tour has a 5-days cancellation policy as below


INDIVIDual bookings

  • If you booked a group of guests and one (or more) does not show up in the morning of the trip (for any reasons), we would charge the full amount due to the people joining the tour
  • If you cancel due to sickness and we are unable to take you on another trip (often fully booked), we are happy to issue a letter stating the amount paid to Two Sea Tour, which, with your doctor’s certificate can be used to claim the money back from most travel insurance companies
  • If you cancel your booking outside five days before the tour date, your deposit will be refunded, or we will put you on another time (if available)
  • If you cancel your booking less than these 5 days, your deposit will NOT be refunded
  • If you cancel due to bad weather, BUT our boat still goes out with other clients, then your deposit will be lost
  • If you are over 5 minutes late from the pick-up time (sent to you the day before the tour), or not show up on time, then our driver will leave without you, and your deposit will be lost
  • If WE cancel due to bad weather other unforeseeable circumstances and we cannot find another date you wish to go on, we will then return your deposit via PayPal
  • We will ALWAYS refund the deposits through PayPal. When we refund via PayPal, the refund is instant, and you will receive an email from PayPal as soon as we process it.
    However, there may be a delay of several working days from your bank to credit your account or credit card.
    Any delay in this regard is an issue with your bank provider, not Two Sea Tour.
    Two Sea Tour will not be liable for any currency fluctuations – the amount refunded to your credit card may differ from the price you paid if there is a devaluation in the currency. We accept and refund in Thai Baht only.



For group bookings of more than 6 people or private tours:

  • If you cancel the trip at least 14 days before the trip, then we will refund your deposit
  • If you cancel the trip at least 7 days before the trip, then you will lose 50% of your deposit
  • If you cancel the trip past these 7 days then you will lose your deposit
  • If you change the date 7 days before the trip, changes will be accepted ONLY if there are enough seats available or no other bookings. If no other dates are available or you decide not to go out anymore, then your deposit payment will be lost


Why do we take deposits?

A deposit is a way for Two Sea Tour to guarantee our guests have their seats booked on the chosen date

  • Most deposits paid via PayPal or bank transfers (Thai banks only)
  • Paypal is the quickest, safest and easiest way of payment for both you and Two Sea Tour
  • To confirm your booking you will have to pay a 50% deposit, then the remaining balance in CASH on the boat
  • All deposits should be paid in Thai Baht (THB), this is easily done with the PayPal system

If you prefer to travel to the pier by yourself, we require that you pay the FULL amount via Paypal and that you make sure you are at the pier on time. We cannot ask other guests to wait on the boat, so coming a little earlier is highly recommended.